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DIY Celebrity

You are in the spotlight doing whatever it is that you are passionate about—singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or acting. There is an enormous crowd cheering you on and you are rocking that stage! You are so happy that you wish that this fleeting moment could last forever when suddenly…you wake up. You stare at … Continue reading

Playing with Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell tweets A LOT. And when I don’t see a tweet from her, I usually notice and say something like “What’s up with that.” I’ve loved Shay Mitchell on screen in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars; her star image seems personable both through her character Emily and from what I’ve seen through interviews. So when I got a … Continue reading

What do they do?

I remember watching The Cosby Show with my family when I was little. The Cosby family seemed like a genuinely happy family. I didn’t realize that it was just a TV show then, because it just seemed so REAL. Just like my dad, Dr. Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) was this strict, serious, but often times, … Continue reading

Real, Authentic Sex Scandals

While there are both many differences and many similarities between film stars and television stars, one of the biggest differences is that television plays such a role in the “demystification of the famous”. This quote from ‘The ‘place’ of television in celebrity studies’ by James Bennett and Su Holmes does a great job at summing up how … Continue reading

TV Stars: Why I’m In Love With Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon

According to James Bennett, Dyer states that film stars are derived from the paradox of their simultaneous ordinariness and unattainability. Contrariwise television stars are derived from their ordinariness and their seeming attainability. Two aspects of the televisual persona differ from the film star: authenticity and intimacy. First, there is an authenticity associated with television personalities, … Continue reading


“The studies indicate we that we attach ourselves most easily to those with whom we share particular attributes- age, gender, class, nationality- or whose attributes we would most like to share. If we identify so closely with stars as public personalities (rather than as roles they play on the screen), then any humiliation or shame … Continue reading

Hair & Identity

To this day, I still love watching Friends and I’m sure many of you feel the same. The romances, the comedy, the tear-jerking moments are what made this show as already known.  Just like we spoke in class, we love those who appear on our television sets and movie screens because we identify with them. … Continue reading