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The deserving and those that aren’t

There are stars who deserve to be where they are, which Gamson calls the deserving, and those who were lucky and made into who they are. In other words there are some celebrities/famous people who used their God given talents in order to create the stardom that they now inherit, and there are also many … Continue reading

Taylor Swift Consumption Ad

Dyer talks about Thorstein Veblen’s  argument that though stars typically “spend more than the average person, but none the less they can be, on a small scale , imitated” through fashion, fads, sports and even hobbies (39). As we frequently discuss in class Fans want to feel close to the stars they love, and I … Continue reading

Fairy Tale Buzz

Ah romantic love! We hear about it all the time: in our personal circle, through gossip, and then topping off the charts, the media. Gasp! Magazines, newspapers, tabloids, blogs, television, and the list goes on and on. We keep our ears and eyes on the lookout for whose getting together with whom. Our hearts smile … Continue reading

Coca Cola brings Taylor Swift to Obesity issue

According to Laurie David of the Huffington Post, two weeks ago, Coca-Cola showed a concern about Child Obesity,  releasing an ad that declared, “We are concerned, we care and we are all in this together.” The  following week , they made a surprise announcement that they werre signing Taylor Swift to do a Diet Coke … Continue reading