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Walking the fine line of stardom

In this week’s reading, Petersen makes the argument that the “simultaneous embrace and disavowal of publicity is at the heart of stardom.” This quote is about the contradictory feelings between loving the publicity as a star yet at the same time wanting to have some privacy too. Yet according to Peterson, both aspects are necessary … Continue reading

I Don’t Have a Clever Title

As Gamson says, there are two ways in which stars rise to fame: through talent and skill, and through conscious social constructed. When “the deserving” rise to fame, they achieve success through their own talent and abilities. Daniel Day-Lewis, for example, is world-renowned for being a tremendous actor. Bill Gates is well known for having … Continue reading

How do stars increase consumption?

In the 1960s, rock and roll was more than just music, it was a lifestyle. Robert Christgau argued that rock and roll was instrumental in opening up the generation gap and fertilizing the largely sexual energy that has flowered into the youth lifestyle. Since youth were drawn to such ideals, they are then willing to … Continue reading

Taylor Swift Consumption Ad

Dyer talks about Thorstein Veblen’s  argument that though stars typically “spend more than the average person, but none the less they can be, on a small scale , imitated” through fashion, fads, sports and even hobbies (39). As we frequently discuss in class Fans want to feel close to the stars they love, and I … Continue reading

Scandals and Stars

“Scandals are pervasive today. Scandal is now a commodity with proven market value, a dominant feature of contemporary journalism and even the most “respectable” forms of mass media, as well as of super market tabloids, gossip magazines, “trash television” talk shows and celebrity exposes, and chat parlors in cyberspace.” – Mclean This quote stood out … Continue reading


“The studies indicate we that we attach ourselves most easily to those with whom we share particular attributes- age, gender, class, nationality- or whose attributes we would most like to share. If we identify so closely with stars as public personalities (rather than as roles they play on the screen), then any humiliation or shame … Continue reading

An Ongoing War For Power

As we skim through the timeline of Hollywood, if anything we realize that the film industry is never stagnant. There are rapid rises and falls, profits and debts, successes and failures in any aspect of Hollywood. In the vertically integrated system, studios held substantial power, dictating the types of films that could go on screen, … Continue reading

Can I Call a Do-Over on Monday’s Activity?

During Monday’s in-class activity, I had the misfortune of playing an agent during the studio system era. All of the studio members mistrusted me and no one paid me or my ideas about my star’s image any attention. My actor was already under contract with the studio, so there was little I could do to … Continue reading