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What do they do?

I remember watching The Cosby Show with my family when I was little. The Cosby family seemed like a genuinely happy family. I didn’t realize that it was just a TV show then, because it just seemed so REAL. Just like my dad, Dr. Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) was this strict, serious, but often times, … Continue reading

So Natural That It Seems Unnatural

Just last week, Macy’s launched a new clothing line inspired by the 1950s icon, Marilyn Monroe. It is interesting to see how Monroe’s legacy in terms of her star image continues to this day and translates to modern-day fashion. Monroe was undoubtedly the icon of female sexuality and desirability, but moreover, everyone aspired to be … Continue reading

Bill “Bill Murray” Murray

Bill Murray is sort of an enigma. A very carefully constructed enigma at that. He’s the consummate good guy. He’s a comedian. He’s a buddy, and he’s a leading man. There’s not a star type that adequately describes Bill Murray onscreen, and there’s not one that comes even close to representing his public image off screen. Onscreen, … Continue reading

Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks

…And all the Oscars go to…lol, but on the real, I’d see it! Saw this while surfing the interwebs and thought it was amusing, since we just did his star profile. Tom Hanks is probably one of the most likable, beloved actors in Hollywood, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to have his name on a … Continue reading