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Suburban Slightly-Less-Than-Paradise

I recently learned just how sad one man can get when I learned of my childhood hero’s recent arrest. Coolio, yes, the very same Coolio famous for his bit part in “Batman and Robin”, assaulted his girlfriend earlier this month. Now I, just like every red-blooded American child, have idolized Mr. Coolio ever since I … Continue reading

Cory Gets Support From Glee Family

Glee’s Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson, recently admitted himself to Rehab for substance abuse. In 2011, Cory confessed that he dropped out of high school at sixteen and struggled with substance abuse. He was supported by fans and friends and praised for coming  this far after overcoming his personal struggles.   But, why are we … Continue reading


“The studies indicate we that we attach ourselves most easily to those with whom we share particular attributes- age, gender, class, nationality- or whose attributes we would most like to share. If we identify so closely with stars as public personalities (rather than as roles they play on the screen), then any humiliation or shame … Continue reading