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What’s private may not stay private for long!

Many stars believe themselves to be very lucky to be living the generous life that they have been given; however, stars like Reese Witherspoon believe that stardom has taken a huge toll on their privacy. Peterson argues, “this simultaneous embrace and disavowal of publicity is at the heart of stardom”. Publicity is often used as … Continue reading

Are you hiding something or is it all an act?

Richard Dyer, in Heavenly Bodies speaks on the importance of both authenticity and ordinariness. Transparency and authenticity are important because of the ‘relationships’ we build with celebrities. Just as we would find it hurtful if one of our friends was not honest with us about who they were, we would be hurt and feel mislead … Continue reading

Walking the fine line of stardom

In this week’s reading, Petersen makes the argument that the “simultaneous embrace and disavowal of publicity is at the heart of stardom.” This quote is about the contradictory feelings between loving the publicity as a star yet at the same time wanting to have some privacy too. Yet according to Peterson, both aspects are necessary … Continue reading