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Do the Vertical Integration

Why did vertical integration give film studios such immense power? How did stars figure into that power? Were stars able to exert their own power? Why or why not? How? Due to the nature of film-making and distribution, the film industry consists of several different sections, production, distribution, and exhibition, working in co-operation with one another. … Continue reading

Cultural Incursions, The Effect of Nationality in Art

When America’s theatre scene was first starting to develop a unique identity, in the early 19th century, it found itself featuring several prominent British actors, like Edmund Keane. McDonald argues that this was highly controversial, but why exactly was that? My belief is that Americans were just starting to adjust to life outside the scope … Continue reading

Caterpillar : Butterfly::Spectacle : Narrative

On pages 20-22, McDonald discusses early cinema, including the Lumiere Brothers & Edison. Watch the famous Lumiere Bros. film “Workers Exiting the Factory” (1895), and consider it in light of McDonald’s arguments.  What does McDonald say about early film and stars?  Why did early cinema not immediately turn to stars?  Does the Lumiere film lend … Continue reading