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To Be, or Not to Be, That is the Question!

Peterson argues that there is a concerning contradiction for stars in today’s media. The contradiction she argues has to deal with authorized and unauthorized media and how the first gives birth to the latter. Peterson uses Reese Witherspoon as an example and how Reese and her publicist carefully planned her release of wedding photos and … Continue reading

I Don’t Have a Clever Title

As Gamson says, there are two ways in which stars rise to fame: through talent and skill, and through conscious social constructed. When “the deserving” rise to fame, they achieve success through their own talent and abilities. Daniel Day-Lewis, for example, is world-renowned for being a tremendous actor. Bill Gates is well known for having … Continue reading

Scandals and Stars

“Scandals are pervasive today. Scandal is now a commodity with proven market value, a dominant feature of contemporary journalism and even the most “respectable” forms of mass media, as well as of super market tabloids, gossip magazines, “trash television” talk shows and celebrity exposes, and chat parlors in cyberspace.” – Mclean This quote stood out … Continue reading