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I Don’t Have a Clever Title

As Gamson says, there are two ways in which stars rise to fame: through talent and skill, and through conscious social constructed. When “the deserving” rise to fame, they achieve success through their own talent and abilities. Daniel Day-Lewis, for example, is world-renowned for being a tremendous actor. Bill Gates is well known for having … Continue reading

The Rock Star Image in a Consumerism World

When I think ‘rock stars,’ my mind doesn’t wander to Bon Jovi or Bono anymore (although they are still quite popular). I think of young celebrities that the younger fan base is attracted too. Star names like Willow Smith, Miley Cyrus, and Kelly Osbourne pop into my head off the top of my mind. They … Continue reading


“The studies indicate we that we attach ourselves most easily to those with whom we share particular attributes- age, gender, class, nationality- or whose attributes we would most like to share. If we identify so closely with stars as public personalities (rather than as roles they play on the screen), then any humiliation or shame … Continue reading

An Ongoing War For Power

As we skim through the timeline of Hollywood, if anything we realize that the film industry is never stagnant. There are rapid rises and falls, profits and debts, successes and failures in any aspect of Hollywood. In the vertically integrated system, studios held substantial power, dictating the types of films that could go on screen, … Continue reading

Hollywood Behemoths

Vertical integration helped Hollywood studios to become the behemoths they are today. Studios were able to produce films in high volume, distribute them to theaters owned by the studios as well as independent studios, and play them basically everywhere. Major theaters, small theaters, the sides of barns, iPhones (they had those in the early 20th … Continue reading