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A Paparazzi Game

Who really cares where George Clooney went for dinner or when Jennifer Aniston is working out in the gym or what Kim Kardashian is eating or why Chris Brown and Rihanna are on and off again? Sadly, we do. And we even want minute-by- minute updates. It’s astonishing to see that on Twitter, the top … Continue reading

Are you hiding something or is it all an act?

Richard Dyer, in Heavenly Bodies speaks on the importance of both authenticity and ordinariness. Transparency and authenticity are important because of the ‘relationships’ we build with celebrities. Just as we would find it hurtful if one of our friends was not honest with us about who they were, we would be hurt and feel mislead … Continue reading

Real, Authentic Sex Scandals

While there are both many differences and many similarities between film stars and television stars, one of the biggest differences is that television plays such a role in the “demystification of the famous”. This quote from ‘The ‘place’ of television in celebrity studies’ by James Bennett and Su Holmes does a great job at summing up how … Continue reading

Sinatra, Cowboys, Budweiser, Oh My!

I found this excellent old ad for Budweiser. First of all, I think this video is excellent. Secondly, I think it does an excellent job at looking into the idea of stars and consumption, especially when we are talking about them as heroes.  Frank Sinatra and Ed McMahon were and still are huge names. I … Continue reading

The Power of Vertical Integration

Film studios began gaining power due to vertical integration by controlling the production of large quantities of films, distribution, and exhibition of films in almost every theater. Vertical integration was effective in that it helped give film studios control of every aspect of the studio by taking all the jobs and putting them under one … Continue reading