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DIY Celebrity

You are in the spotlight doing whatever it is that you are passionate about—singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or acting. There is an enormous crowd cheering you on and you are rocking that stage! You are so happy that you wish that this fleeting moment could last forever when suddenly…you wake up. You stare at … Continue reading

Cory Gets Support From Glee Family

Glee’s Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson, recently admitted himself to Rehab for substance abuse. In 2011, Cory confessed that he dropped out of high school at sixteen and struggled with substance abuse. He was supported by fans and friends and praised for coming  this far after overcoming his personal struggles.   But, why are we … Continue reading

I Don’t Have a Clever Title

As Gamson says, there are two ways in which stars rise to fame: through talent and skill, and through conscious social constructed. When “the deserving” rise to fame, they achieve success through their own talent and abilities. Daniel Day-Lewis, for example, is world-renowned for being a tremendous actor. Bill Gates is well known for having … Continue reading

Shaq Attack

Shaquille O’Neal is, without a doubt, my favorite celebrity in terms of his advertisements. Between his Buick ads, his Gold Bond ad, and his other Gold Bond ad, Shaq has begun taking the advertising world by storm as a television personality rather than as a dominant athlete. Eckert spoke about the beginnings of major endorsement … Continue reading