A look into the future

As the internet and media market continues to bloom with technology, the “DIY” celebrities, as Bennett calls them, have become more prominent in our society. In todays online world, people are becoming famous magically, overnight by simply expressing their ordinariness and managing to capture them. The web has provided us a place to make the … Continue reading

DIY Celebrity

You are in the spotlight doing whatever it is that you are passionate about—singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or acting. There is an enormous crowd cheering you on and you are rocking that stage! You are so happy that you wish that this fleeting moment could last forever when suddenly…you wake up. You stare at … Continue reading

So You Want To Be Tumblr Famous?

As technology and social media becomes more and more widespread, a new breed of celebrities has begun popping up all across the interwebs. Internet celebrities are drawing upon key understandings of performance, ordinariness, and authenticity. As a social networking junkie, I will unashamedly admit that I have a Tumblr addiction. When I finally broke over … Continue reading

If Justin Bieber Can Do It, So Can YOU.

At some point in our lives we’ve all said “I’m going to be famous”. For most of us, that will never happen. Frankly, we just don’t have the skill, looks, or money that our celebrity counterparts do. It’s not our fault. Justin Bieber is just better than us. However, the increasing prevalence of the internet … Continue reading

Hannah Montana Smokes WEED?! Say what?!

Normally when a person turns 18, they celebrate it by going to their first club, buy their first pack of cigarettes, or even go to register to vote. As for celebrities they enter a whole new world of partying. Over a year ago, a video surfaced the internet of Disney star Miley Cyrus hitting what … Continue reading

Suburban Slightly-Less-Than-Paradise

I recently learned just how sad one man can get when I learned of my childhood hero’s recent arrest. Coolio, yes, the very same Coolio famous for his bit part in “Batman and Robin”, assaulted his girlfriend earlier this month. Now I, just like every red-blooded American child, have idolized Mr. Coolio ever since I … Continue reading

Cheaters Never Win

Until the past six months or so Lance Armstrong had been one of the most talented and respected athletes of all time.  Being the most decorated cyclist of all time, he had millions of dollars in sponsorships, prize money, and not to mention his own cancer research foundation Livestrong.  However, this all came to an … Continue reading