10 Essential Aquabat Songs For The Beginning Aquacadet

As one of the Hub’s Emmy winning children’s series (although by no means is it just for kids) and greatest ska-punk-new wave-rock bands, The Aquabats continue to grace us with their super heroic feats of awesomeness and garner a growing bastion of committed Aquacadets. Now if you’ve never heard of these crime-fighting rock & roll stars, who have been vanquishing nefarious foes since the early 1990’s, their unique history warrants a quick run through. The Aquabats life of heroism began after they were cast out of their homeland, Aquabania, by their arch nemesis Space Monster M. Upon being cast out, these superheroes decided to return to their homeland, seeking justice along the way, armed with rashguards, anti-negativity helmets, power belts, vans shoes, and quirky ska songs.

The following is a list of the essential songs that any young, aspiring Aquacadet must come to know and love, in order to help the MC Bat Commander and the rest of the super-gang defeat evil fiends, such as the Powdered Milk Man, the Cat With Two Heads, the Floating Eye, and many others.

1. Red Sweater– Ahh so many feels with this song! Off their second album Fury Of The Aquabats, this is a classic. The awesome ska horn lines and of course a catchy chorus, makes this an essential pick.

2. Fashion Zombies– The first song off Charge!!, includes some of the greatest keyboard lines and a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. Can you get hip to what I’m saying?

3. Playdough– Originally on Return of the Aquabats, this song is one of their deeper more emotional jams, talking about growing up and childhood memories.

4. Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates– A classic epic tale sung by the majestic Bat Commander, regaling the adventures of the Midget Pirates. (Fury of the Aquabats)

5. Nerd Alert–  An anthemic, rallying song for nerds everywhere! Awesome guitar work and a synth line that sounds like it came straight out of a video game. (Charge!!)

6. Pizza Day– This song is hilarious and the lyrics are super creative. Only the Aquabats could write a song about school lunches and make it cool. (Myths & Legends & Other Amazing Adventures)

7.Awesome Forces-This song, off Charge!!, is super rad. It reflects the struggles the band went through, before reaching success.

8. Hot Summer Nights (Won’t Last Forever)– One of their more trippy songs. About a couple, in which the girl moves away, and the guy continues to see her twin sister. The ending phone conversation is greatness. (Charge!!)

9. Look At Me (I’m A Winner)-This is my go to “happy” song, as the whole thing is about being a winner. This is probably the Bat’s most upbeat, positive tune, and for that I adore it. (Charge!!)

10. Pool Party– Who doesn’t love a pool party, right?! This song is overflowing with greatness, and it delivers some playful riffs and an overall entertaining message. (Myths & Legends & Other Amazing Adventures)


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