Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a good example of a present day star who embraces her ethnicity. We best know Sofia from the popular TV show Modern Family. In the show, Sofia portrays Gloria, a Colombian woman with a thick Colombian accent, strong Colombian values…and she certainly doesn’t let us forget that. Interestingly, Sofia Vergara is the same Colombian woman with the same accent in real life. In fact, she was born on july 10th 1972 and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia (IMBD). While she was in college, she was discovered and at the age of 23, which gave her exposure in the United States.

Sofia Vergara is a proud Colombian woman and she is not afraid to tell the world that. In interviews, she often talks about her memories in Colombia like when she talks about Colombian Christmas with David Letterman. Certainly, now that she is earning millions in the US, she still doesn’t forget to help out her native country during hard times. As a frequent guest on The Ellen Show, Sofia often makes fun of herself like saying “I can’t get rid of my accent!”. Or when Ellen makes fun of her accent, Sofia simply laughs and smartly replies that she has been in the US for 9 years and sometimes she still can’t understand herself. By poking  fun of her own accent, Sofia demonstrates how comfortable she is with herself and is not afraid to laugh at herself.

Not only is Sofia beautiful on the outside, her positive attitude makes us fall in love with every bits of Colombia in her. She gives hope to all the minority girls out there who are self-concious about where they came from. In a sea of stick-skinny blonde celebrities in American media now, Sofia Vergara is definitely refreshing and gets us all excited about our unique ethnicities.


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