Zoe Saldana

Issues of race and ethnicity have been a large problem for over half a century, as blacks and other races have always had a negative connotation in Hollywood. Skin color today is not as much of an issue, however, a lot of roles are still only meant for only African American individuals or white American individuals. What about those that have more than one race associated with their ethnicity? Zoe Saldana is one actress that deals with these issues as she faces an even more difficult time in the industry because of her skin tone.

"The Words" Portraits - 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Zoe Saldana is a very beautiful actress that finds it very difficult to be able to relate to any particular race. She is an American actress that is half Puerto Rican and half Dominican Republican, giving her a very mulatto skin tone that doesn’t fit that of any particular race. For example, Zoe Saldana was turned down for the role of Nina Simone, an iconic African American, composer, and Civil Rights activist. She says that are very limited roles for women, fewer roles forAfrican Americans, and even fewer roles for Latinas. Saldana, being considered a black Latina often finds it hard to fit into any particular character because of her background. Though race and ethnicity shouldn’t matter at this day in age, these politics in casting still exist today for black Latinas in the movie making industry where the problems of race, ethnicity, and gender still play a large part in their careers.

Thus, actresses like Zoe Saldana find it difficult to traverse in an industry that still faces these issues of race and ethnicity because she finds it difficult to fit into any one particular category and casting directors tend to overlook her to play the part of any African American because her skin color suggests that she may not be “African American” enough.




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