Jason Collins Who???

ALL hail Jason Collins. Jason who?, I hear you ask. Well, he’s an American basketball star and he’s become the first active player from any major US professional sports league to publicly reveal that he’s gay.”

In a Sports Illustrated article set to come out May 6, 2013 Jason Collins, a 34 year old black basketball player, comes out in a big way. He says that he has never wanted to be the one to make a big deal out of the fact that he is different but says that it needs to be done.

While people in the past, such as Ellen Degeneres , Michael Jackson, and Charlie Sheen have gained popularity because of their relationships with sexuality, these people were already celebrities. They were already stars.

Jason Collins is not.

He is an All-American basketball player, so it’s not as if no one knows his name; but his relationship with sexuality has been the things that has recently boosted him into the spotlight and will most likely be what he is remembered for. Other things like his race, age, and background and the fact that he is the first player in the NBA to come out make this even more interesting and important to society.

However what makes Jason Collins interesting as a celebrity is not that he is a basketball player, it is not that he is black, and it is not that he is gay. What makes him interesting is that his celebrity status is based mostly on his relationship with sexuality which is a rare things for celebrities.


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