Seth Rogan and his version of Masculinity



In his movies, Will Ferrell typically plays the very extreme role of the outrageous, nonsensical man who has absurd ideas of how reality really is. Several examples that he is famous for playing this kind of role include movies like Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, and Step brothers, just to name a few. In these roles he emphasizes what Colin Tait calls the “absurdity of excessive masculinity”.  By this he means that he exemplifies the ridiculousness of what it is to be a man, in the crudest sense of the word.


For example, in these roles there are excessive sexual comments, a gross lack of manners and ridiculous stupidity that is thought of the typical guy jock, not to stereotype or anything. Will Ferrell always has the lines in moves that people remember and quote, I mean everyone remembers the classic Ron Burgundy lines from Anchorman that are remembered for the sheer ridiculousness.


Another actor that I feel exemplifies this almost as well as Will Ferrell is Seth Rogan, who plays the role of the man who never grew up. In all of his movies he plays the unemployed guy who sits around, smokes and takes on next to no responsibility, which is the height of absurd masculinity, because it is what the “stereotypical man” if he had no responsibility would do. His role in the movie Knocked Up is a perfect example of this. He doesn’t have a real job, sits around and smokes weed and talks about sex and then gets Katherine Hegel pregnant and half heartedly takes on the daddy role.


However, he does play this role very differently from Will Ferrell due to the fact that Will plays his roles in a very manly way, where he is very successful but just absurd in his actions are where as Seth Rogan plays a more childlike and younger role, which probably does reflect the age of the actor.


I fell that Seth Rogan is comparable to Will Ferrell in his level of ridiculousness and the type of role that he plays which is extremely masculine but still childish and crazy.


2 thoughts on “Seth Rogan and his version of Masculinity

  1. I think Seth Rogan portrays a role where he is very lazy and is sitting around waiting for things to happen and Will takes action for his ridiculousness. I don’t really agree with Seth portrays a more childish role than Will though. Although Seth often is the stoner, I feel that Will takes on the child-man persona more. Can you give an example of that? In the movie The Green Hornet, although Seth still plays an irresponsible slacker at first, his character kind of becomes a hero in the end. This is sort of interesting because it shifts the normal slacker stoner role and gives it a manly hero ending.

  2. I also have to agree with the comment above because I also do not agree that Seth Rogen always sticks with his style of humor. I feel that he has a type of personality that may be able to evolve within his roles of masculinity. While Will Ferrell may seem like a static character in that he uses offensive and crude humor in order to get laughs, I feel as though Seth Rogan can have many different characters and personify many different types of “manly men” as shown in the given example of The Green Hornet.

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