Suburban Slightly-Less-Than-Paradise

I recently learned just how sad one man can get when I learned of my childhood hero’s recent arrest. Coolio, yes, the very same Coolio famous for his bit part in “Batman and Robin”, assaulted his girlfriend earlier this month. Now I, just like every red-blooded American child, have idolized Mr. Coolio ever since I first saw his bumpin’ ‘do in the opening credits for “Kenan and Kel“, so this is obviously heartbreaking. 

Let’s be glad that’s not true and start the rebuild the trust that I’ve most assuredly lost by now. While I recognize that Coolio has fallen below the D-list, I still feel that this scandal ought to be a larger issue. I’m glad that when I searched for “current celebrity scandal”, this was one of the first results that I got, but in a culture that at least claims to abhor misogyny and violence against women, I think it’s acceptable (if not necessary), that we spurn celebrities who commit the acts that we stand so firmly against. I would be satisfied if this were a bigger scandal than it is, because men who live their lives in the public eye need to learn to take their fame and celebrity seriously and set at least some sort of good example for the rest of society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that society is aware of this at all, because we need to know when someone we give lots of money for entertainment beats his girlfriend so that we can promptly stop paying him to entertain us, I just wish there was more exposure.

I conclusion, on in a spirit of general conclusiveness, I think the content of this scandal suggests very positive things about our society. That we stand opposed to violence against women, or violence against anyone really, is explicitly positive. It displays a positive ideology of peace and respect that I personally support in spades. I just wish that, for once, this celebrity story was getting more media attention. Because don’t assault people.

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