Hannah Montana Smokes WEED?! Say what?!

Normally when a person turns 18, they celebrate it by going to their first club, buy their first pack of cigarettes, or even go to register to vote. As for celebrities they enter a whole new world of partying. Over a year ago, a video surfaced the internet of Disney star Miley Cyrus hitting what appears to be a bong.

            Now if any other normal person were to be in the video, chances are no one would say anything publicly nor would there be much speculation of what was actually happening.  As TMZ reported, for Miley Cyrus however, it turned out to be quite different. Once the video surfaced, she released a statement saying that “it wasn’t marijuana in the bong, it was actually Salvia.” Salvia is a natural herb that has psychedelic effects and is legal in the state of California. A week later, people around her said that she admitted to being a “pothead”,  saying “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake.” You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.” A few months later, she then said in an interview that Salvia was a bad decision. Recently, another video surfaced, of Miley smoking a blunt  smoking a blunt…again. Now this time she’s not hiding it, while everyone admits that it was composed of marijuana.

This scandal has gotten much attention from most media circuits, because of the drugs. Today we see drug issues all over society. With all the policies in question about the legalization of marijuana, it’s no wonder that any celebrity that takes the random puff or hit here or there, gets so much attention. With lobbying for each position becoming a part of every day life, society’s perspective changes as well. Hannah Montana’s identity quickly changed once her video surfaced; she went from being the kid pop star to the party girl. Her new image changed the way her fans looked at her. Participating in drugs then lying about it, just spreading false rumors, all made it worst for the loved star. Something that would be not a big deal with any normal teenager, turned into a huge scandal that spread all over the globe for a Disney star.


3 thoughts on “Hannah Montana Smokes WEED?! Say what?!

  1. I think it’s interesting how Miley took control over her star image because she didn’t wants to be thought as a “Disney girl”. She wants to be seen as a sexy woman. But, do you think she has taken it too far? Also, I like how you compared her with people who just turned eighteen. Why do we make it a big deal when stars are doing what other people their age are? I think it’s because we see them as one star image, but when they change, surprised and taken aback.

  2. I too think its quite funny the reference you made to her turning 18 and celebrating just as thousands of other 18 year olds might do this day, but she gets crap for it. Even though Miley may of been entering adulthood and wanted to somehow step away from her star image, I still think there were other ways of doing so, not to mention a more mild way of a transition she could have taken. I mean seriously how wrong is it that what like a year or two ago she was catering to the fantasy and admiration of young girls all over the world and now that she turns 18 and decides its ok for her to smoke a little salvia and/or marijuana? How messed up is it? Needless to say I feel as if around our country that smoking marijuana is become more and more tolerable in people’s minds even though in 95% of the country it is still illegal. Even though this was a scandal and definitely nothing to simply ignore, do you think that she really got harsh enough criticism from the media and her fans for doing so? I almost feel that in this day in age, not to mention how it could be a few years from now, a young celeb star getting caught smoking weed will almost be equivalent, if not less traumatic, to just getting caught smoking a cigarette. Lastly, I almost also feel that with the way our world treats teens/young adults these days that most people simply wrote it off as, “Oh its okay Miley. You deserve a little bit of a slap on the hand, but your becoming an adult now so we will let it slide for now and let you have your fun.” Don’t you agree? How long will it be before all young adult celeb scandals such as this will be looked over as just being a teen and letting it slide until before you know it they are getting DWIs (Lindsey Lohan) and going to jail for possession even? How can we end this trend?

  3. I think Miley’s image as a child star plays a huge role in society’s perspective on her smoking weed. But we seem to be pretty accepting of weed-smoking as a culture. Not really out loud, but how many good people do we all know who smoke weed? It’s weird to me that we get so incensed when celebrities smoke, but we don’t care when our cousins or next-door neighbors do. Furthermore, is it possible that we got more upset at Miley for smoking because she’s a woman? We know Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson smoke, and we couldn’t really care less, but there really aren’t any female equivalents. Double standard?

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