The deserving and those that aren’t

There are stars who deserve to be where they are, which Gamson calls the deserving, and those who were lucky and made into who they are. In other words there are some celebrities/famous people who used their God given talents in order to create the stardom that they now inherit, and there are also many stars throughout time that were simply made into the celebrities that they became.

Many stars come to mind when thinking about the ones who created themselves and established their popularity.  One star in particular, as you all know one of, if not my favorite current star, is none other than Taylor Swift.  Taylor from day one was a sweet and innocent country girl that had the ambition and inspiration to always be what she has become today.  Needless to say she did have help from studios and agents to help guide her to where she is now, but they did not construct her star image.  She decided that she was always going to be who she truly was, the blonde country girl that writes her own songs and sings about the love she wants, has had, and regrets.  In my opinion, I think she truly is one of the ‘deserved’ as Gamson put it being that she worked as hard as she did using her own constructed talent,to be one of the all time greatest female country music artists.

On the contrary, one celebrity I feel that has their fame because it was ‘artificially manufactured’ is Taylor Lautner.  Agents, producers, and coaches around the world have made this actor the famous guy that he is today.  In my opinion Lautner is a terrible actor.  After being forced, I promise I was forced, to watch a couple of the Twilight movies I immediately noticed how terrible he truly was when it came to certain aspects of him such as speaking really awkwardly, sounding real fake when getting angry, and just overall not acting well.  The sad thing is, is that he is still this bad after I am sure years of acting coaching.  He was artificially manufactured into being an actor simply because of, yes I’ll admit it, his good looks and abs.  Girls around the world drool over him due to this and it masks them from seeing how bad of an actor he really is.  This is one of many of these types of examples when it comes to a star being good looking, coaches forming them into the star they need to be so the people will hype them up, and the people actually falling for it and aiding in booming their stardom.

The similarity between these two discourses is that both these types of stars achieve most of their fame due to the media and the people that consume it.  There are many philanthropist out there that do great things for the world however only certain one’s are actually known to the world.  This is simply because the media finds something they like about a person and blow it up so the world can see and be sucked into believing they must be something because of their popularity in the media.  This goes hand in hand with how artificially manufactured stars are yes created by others, but also by the media as well.  Taylor Lautner might not be near as famous if there were not pictures of him with his shirt off on numerous magazine covers and posters for teenage girls to hang in their room.  The awe that people find in these two types of stars once the media blows them up also aids in the continuing building of their stardom.  Yes, they are very different and in my opinion can be respected very differently by many people due to how they got to where they are now.  One can’t help respect Oprah Winfrey more that Taylor Lautner.  In the end though, they still are all famous celebrities and nine times out of ten are much richer than we all are!

Please excuse the language in this video, but I found it hilarious!


One thought on “The deserving and those that aren’t

  1. Taylor Lautner is a really interesting person to mention as a construct of others. Since he first kind of came to fame in “Shark Boy and Lava Girl” as a kid, is his fame really based solely off of his abs? I agree that he’s known mostly for his looks and not for being a worse actor than a cardboard box. If anything, the child-acting thing increases the amount of his fame created by other people. He wasn’t great in the movie, but his career continued despite his flaws. Do you think child-acting could play into his star image at all? Or, at least, of other people in similar situations to him?

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