Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a good example of a present day star who embraces her ethnicity. We best know Sofia from the popular TV show Modern Family. In the show, Sofia portrays Gloria, a Colombian woman with a thick Colombian accent, strong Colombian values…and she certainly doesn’t let us forget that. Interestingly, Sofia Vergara is the … Continue reading

Zoe Saldana

Issues of race and ethnicity have been a large problem for over half a century, as blacks and other races have always had a negative connotation in Hollywood. Skin color today is not as much of an issue, however, a lot of roles are still only meant for only African American individuals or white American … Continue reading

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Born Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.December 28 1954 Mount Vernon New York USA Actor, Producer, and Director Denzel Washington is a two time academy award winner who has been featured in many films. He has played various roles in and Starred as the main character in many feature films such As American Gangster (2007) Training Day … Continue reading

Jason Collins Who???

“ALL hail Jason Collins. Jason who?, I hear you ask. Well, he’s an American basketball star and he’s become the first active player from any major US professional sports league to publicly reveal that he’s gay.” In a Sports Illustrated article set to come out May 6, 2013 Jason Collins, a 34 year old black … Continue reading

Oh Masculinity!

Typically, when we think masculinity our minds divert to the ever so attractive Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling because indeed that is what their star image is comprised of. When I hear the name Will Ferrell, I usually associate him with comedy. So, after reading Absurd Masculinity: The Time-Bending Comic Persona of Will Ferrell by R. Colin … Continue reading

Masculinity = Muscles?

“I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker.” – Will Ferrell in Anchorman This quote is just one of the many ridiculous things Will Ferrell says. In a recent article, Colin Tait implies that Will Ferrell embodies the “absurdity of excessive masculinity”. He defines “absurdity … Continue reading

Masculinity At Its Finest

Some of my all-time favorite comedic movies include Anchorman and Step Brothers. I quote them daily and each one of them has completely different plots and themes with only one thing in common: the actor, Will Ferrell. He appears in these movies to be overly enthusiastic and exaggerates every aspect of the character he is … Continue reading

Johnny Knoxville and “Manly Humor”

I found Colin Tait’s article on Will Ferrell and absurd masculinity incredibly interesting. The article touched on topics I had never even thought about like “time-bending,” the trend of men acting like children in comedy, and the “absurdity of excessive masculinity.” I think what is meant by “absurdity of excessive masculinity” is  an exaggerated  take on the American … Continue reading

Seth Rogan and his version of Masculinity

    In his movies, Will Ferrell typically plays the very extreme role of the outrageous, nonsensical man who has absurd ideas of how reality really is. Several examples that he is famous for playing this kind of role include movies like Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, and Step brothers, just to name a … Continue reading